About Mosync

Welcome to Mosync! Your fast, secure, and automated data synchronization cloud system. This easy-to-use cloud synchronization and replication service are used for transferring data between cloud object stores and on-premises. Mosync offers a secure, simple, and automated system to migrate your files from any destination to the cloud services.

Whether you need to transfer CIFS, NFS, Amazon format, IBM Cloud Storage or Webscale, Mosync can help you move your files where you need them, securely and quickly. We specialize in data migration, data analytics, and cloud storage systems.

We aim to help our customers to get the best out of the cloud data storage service in the industry. We can help you move and synchronize data between platforms with security and peace of mind. Let us help you find solutions to solve the issues with regards to cloud analytics. This way, you can be confident that your personal or commercial business files are stored securely in the cloud.

How We Started

Mosync was founded many years back, helping customers all over Europe with storage systems, cloud data services and software. We have survived and thrived in the tech company for so many years now because of our innovative ideas. We have kept our focus on improving our data storage services, on how to sync, manage, store, analyze, protect and move any type of data. With the many changes and challenges in the tech industry, we have managed to grow and thrive with our cloud sync storage services. Our strategy here at Mosync is shaped towards helping our customers understand the changes in our technology. Many years ago, we got used to a floppy disk for storage, and then there’s the disk and USB, which was all good. But with the advances in technology, storage is now in the ‘cloud’, which is more convenient, accessible and safe.

Say Goodbye to Lost Data

Remember those times where you have to use one floppy disk to save two or three-word
files only? How about the time when you have a CD where you store your pictures, and with just one chip, you can’t use the CD anymore, goodbye to your files. Then there’s the USB that we have to admit was convenient and can store a lot of data. But when inserted into a computer with a virus, what happens? USB is corrupted; say goodbye to your files.

With Mosync, say goodbye to corrupted USB, lost files and mismanaged data system. You can now access your files anytime and anywhere with Mosync cloud management services. Today we continue to unlock the best features that can benefit our users. We aim to adapt to change and develop a game plan on how to adjust to the demands of the market. We want our consumers to give their 100% faith in relying on Mosync with storing all their files on the cloud. The simplicity and straightforward interface of Mosync made it one of the industry-leading cloud management services not only in Europe but also worldwide.

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