Are you sending large media files, video clips, CAD drawings or graphic-rich reports? Ever wonder if Mosync can accommodate even a large file? Here’s what you need to know when sending files in Mosync, and other need-to-know facts about Mosync.
Yes, you can send a large file using a shared link with guaranteed safety and privacy using Mosync. When it comes to the storage capacity of the file shared, no file is too heavy for us. All you have to do is generate a shareable link of the file you want to share, copy the link and send the link via email or text. The recipient won’t even need to have a Mosync user account to access the file.
Yes, all files and folders can be password-protected. As the file owner, you can also password-protect each file to make sure unauthorized access is not welcome. If you want the recipients to have full access to editing or taking over a file, all you have to do is invite them so they can make changes of their own too. When sharing a file using a Mosync link, you have control over what other users can do with the file too. They can either view it, download, edit or comment on the file.
Yes, you can send large files from your phone or tablet. Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, Mosync offers the art of convenient cloud sharing and data management services from the comfort of your home, office or outdoors. Just like the process using a desktop, just create a shareable link and send it to your friends or colleagues, that simple.
Yes, you can use Mosync even without the wifi. No wifi? No problem! You can still continue working in Mosync even when there’s no internet connection. This means you can work on the aeroplane, while in commute or even in a dead spot space. Just make sure to change the settings of a file to be available offline so you can work on it even without a network service provider signal.
Yes, you can access all your files and folders using all your devices. If you have a Windows desktop at work, a Macbook at home, or want to check something in your files using your iPhone, you can access Mosync with any type of device you have.
Yes, all files update and sync automatically at Mosync. Whenever you're connected to the internet, the file automatically saves every few seconds. This will ensure that you have the latest file version on all your devices. This increases work productivity, so you won’t have to worry to save your files from time to time. However, there is an option called 'selective sync', where you can choose which files automatically sync and which are the ones that don't.

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