Recovery Feature

Nothing is worse than losing an important file and doing your work all over again from square one. Everyone has experienced that in the old days. But with the Recovery Feature of Mosync, you never have to experience this ever again.

The Recovery Feature has real-time back-up features so your work can be saved automatically while your mind is preoccupied doing all the work. With the recovery feature of Mosync, you also never have to worry about losing any file ever again.

Version History

There may be a point that a co-worker may access one of your files and make changes without letting you know. This is a common issue in the office or those who have remote work. Do you want to find out which co-worker changed it and what kind of change has been made?

With the Version History feature of Mosync, you can keep track of who made changes and what changes have been made. That is if a user had access. You can always limit the user access in the Mosync administrator account. Mosync keeps track of any work revision and gives you the chance to restore any file to its former glory.

Deleted File Recovery

When you accidentally delete a file, this is a sure facepalm moment. No one wants that. Such minor mistakes can cause a headache in the long run. Not with the Deleted File Recovery feature of Mosync.

It’s like the trash bin feature of Windows. Any file you delete, may it be accidentally or intentionally, can be undone. The Deleted File Recovery feature of Mosync can restore single and multiple files with ease. So you can spend more time finishing your work rather than wasting your time troubleshooting for lost files.

Mosync Account Rewind Service

Now that you’re at ease, Mosync can help you with file recovery and version history tracking, but what if the worst happens? When we say worse, meaning a disaster causing not just one folder but multiple folders deleted. No one wants this to happen, but what if it really does?

Thanks to the Mosync Account Rewind Service of Mosync, there is no need to panic in these types of situations. What is the Mosync Account Rewind Service? The feature speaks for itself. You can rewind your Mosync account the way it was before. For example, you wanted your account to be what it was like a week ago because you’re looking for an important file, with Mosync you can. Simply backdate it and find the file you’re looking for without compromising your other existing files.

Worry Less With Mosync

With Mosync, cloud syncing services, you never have to worry about losing a single file anymore. You can put your energy and use your time efficiently to do all your tasks without worrying about saving your work from time to time.

If you leave the office and have to continue to work at home, you can resume your work thanks to the recovery features of Mosync. Access your files anytime and anywhere, and you never have to worry about the safety and security of your files in the cloud. Worry less and work more with Mosync. Your cloud syncing services for personal and business use.

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