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With Mosync, you get to decide which files and folders you can share with other users, and where you want to sync them. Mosync works in the background to back up your important data and is made sure that they’re available to you at all times. What’s best about Mosync is you can access and work on your files anytime using any device.

You can start your work in the office using a Mac device and resume in the coffee shop with your Windows device, and it doesn’t matter. Experience the streamlined services of Mosync on cloud storage and data management online. Know more about the file and folder sharing features Mosync has to offer.

Mosync Can Sync Files for Offline Access

Mosync enables any user to back up files from any device to secure cloud storage. One of the latest and new additional features brought to you by Mosync is you now can edit your files even while offline. That’s right! Even when you’re offline, Mosync automatically backs up any file. So even without the internet, you are rest assured that your files are saved on a regular basis.

Share Synced Folders With Photos and Videos

Whether it’s a work-related task or you’re sharing a photo folder with a family member, experience seamless online folder sharing with Mosync. The best part is, the person you share a file with does not even need to be a Mosync user. Now you can collaborate with colleagues even remotely thanks to the automatically synced files in Mosync.

You can share an entire folder of photos, videos or any type of document via Mosync without worrying about your privacy being breached. It doesn’t even matter if you’re trying to send a heavy file because there are no limitations in Mosync.

Share a Public Link With Other Users

With Mosync, you can now share a public link of files and folders. All you need to do is generate a public link, copy the link, and share it via email, media, text or blog. When the recipient receives the link that you generated, they have the option to view or download the file, even without a Mosync user account. You can even send these links using your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Cloud sharing and syncing has never been this easier with Mosync.

Collaborate With Chosen People

The file-sharing services of Mosync have been designed to have a safe and secure management system. That is why Mosync users can take control of who can access a certain file or folder. You can now collaborate with any project in a shared folder with guaranteed privacy.

Collaborate on projects by giving a person or group access to a shared folder on your computer. With the folder sharing features of Mosync, say goodbye to the individual emailing to your co-workers and individual tracking of a file’s latest version. Conveniently sync folders across your team members, take control of the folder restriction, enjoy the multi-folder syncing, and never bother about the file storage capacity ever again.

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